Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bercuti di Gold Coast, Australia: Sea World.

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Hari ni jalan-jalan ke Dunia Laut, yeay!

Our second visit to SeaWorld after 19 years.
It was a great day out at SeaWorld, awesome roller coaster rides and marine life combined.

They did not check visitor's bags at the entrance so I guess those with small children could bring some snacks to keep the little ones tummies happy through out the day because the food here is rather expansive.
As for us, we brought home cooked meal and had a picnic just outside SeaWorld and re-entered Seaworld again after that. And yes, they have a prayer room here unlike 19 years ago.

These penguins captured almost everyone's heart.
The most amazing part was when these cute penguins just had a swim and then they hopped on the land and came straight up in a group to greet visitors through the glass window,
looking at us face to face!

 I always remember polar bear as having white or creamy fur like the one I saw in VanCouver,
not yellow or brown like this.
Maybe the hot weather is the culprit.

 With mama.

 A show not to be missed, never get enough of them.
These playful and graceful dolphins leaping and jumping above the water surface.
 A creature so dear to human heart.

 The new Storm roller coaster opened to public just a few months ago.



Klik DI SINI untuk Itinerari Percutian di Gold Coast

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