Thursday, May 31, 2012

A New Experience.

My very first time stepping into a studio for a photo-shoot. 
Most of the photo-shoots that I've done in the past were quite informal since they were for my friend's projects or for my own online shop and all of them were outdoors. But this is definitely different since it was setup in a studio with people that I am not really familiar with.

Selingan: Bergambar dgn dua Akak comel dan cute!

The makeup was really heavy compared to my normal regime. I normally only use a bit of powder, lipstick and eyeliner, nothing more than that. But this time, I do not know how many layers of make-up the makeup artist applied on my face, one thing for sure, it felt really, really thick and heavy. And I even heard a bit of 'a cracking' sound whenever I tried to smile for the camera. 
Bunyi lipstick tebal pecah bila buka mulut, hahaha.
Now that was really funny!

They choose the hairstyle for me and my original curls were gone for the day.
Totally felt like a stranger staring back at me when I looked into the mirror. 

I spent almost 4 hours there and headed on straight for lunch and stopped by at the shopping mall after I left the studio and I think I looked ridiculous walking around with such a thick makeup on my face.
It was as though I was going for a big function at a glamorous place but ended up window shopping at a mall instead.  
Agaknya selama ni nampak girls with thick makeup kat mall, dia org pun baru balik from photoshoot la kot, 
(Now I would like to think of it that way)

A new experience indeed
and well, I just hope it will turn out okay in the magazine.

Jelita Magazine July Issue 2012

EH! Magazine June 2013

Photoshoot at Shangrila for EH!Magazine 2013

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