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Bercuti di Gold Coast, Australia: Alpaca Farm, Lamington National Park.

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We were supposed to travel to the Gallery Walk, Mount Tamborine but didn't actually get there.
We reached the foot of the mountain but after going up the really steep road for awhile, our rented car started making noises so we decided to cancel the trip (frustrated much!) and stopped by at a small and cute town of Canungra to buy some drinks and snacks.

Cuti-cuti Gold Coast, Australia

Melancong ke Gold Coast, Australia

We traveled along the scenic winding road through O'Reilly
 to the heart of World Heritage Listed, Lamington National Park. The road here is not as steep as the one heading to Mt. Tamborine. It is really beautiful here, a stunning country side.


Tengok koala atas pokok di Gold Coast, Australia.

The scenery here is absolutely stunning.
We even spotted a kangaroo by the roadside and a koala on a tree branch but unfortunately we could not stop to snap their photos as the road was too narrow and there were other cars behind us.

But we still can't help it.
This place is too beautiful so when the winding and steep narrow road was clear from traffic,
we got down and snapped a photo right in the middle of the road. Even so, this photo doesn't do justice to this beautiful place, it is hard to describe the magnificent beauty here, a lush and green rainforest! Peaceful and beautiful, definitely an outstanding place.

Bercuti ke Surfers Paradise, Australia

Mama and abah with a spectacular view of Lamington National Park

And then we reached The Mountview Alpaca Farm.
Comel alpaca ni! Ada warna putih, coklat and hitam. 
such a gorgeous animal.

The funny thing was, when we were feeding them,
they started spitting on each other fighting for the food.
Well, at least they were quite well behave and tried not to spit on us!

This is Mr. Al,
the young and  handsome alpaca.
The owner brought him out from the barn so that we could get a photo of him.

Somehow when we wanted to take photos with him,
he will hide his body behind us and he just make sure only his neck and face could be seen.
But he was quite a sport and seemed like he loves the camera!
So adorable!

Mr. Al pun pandai selfie! See..he was checking himself out!

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