Saturday, March 30, 2013

OhMyEnglish Season 2 Premiere, Jom tengok!

My youngest brother is an ardent fan of OhMyEnglish @TVIQ, 
but then again, 
so IS the whole family.

And recently,
he won the online contest for OhMyEnglish Season 2  and received  4 VIP tickets to the Premiere at Sunway TGV. When my mom asked me to accompany him to the premiere, I got all excited, after all there is always a kid in me. 

It was quite fun there, they served breakfast and lunch for the guests and they organised some games and gifts for the little ones too. The guests had the privilege to watch Season 2 first and second episodes which will be broadcasted on TV tomorrow.

And the exciting part for most kids there was that they get to meet the casts.
Aaron Aziz a.k.a Cikgu Malik brought his children along but unfortunately we did not get a chance to meet him since he left rather early but I guess my brother and probably other kids were eager and happy enough to see Zain Zaidin  a.k.a Mr Henry Middleton there.  

Mr. Henry Middleton and Cikgu Mohd Salleh.
See the glow in my brother's face.
That shows how happy he was.

She is so pretty, 
much prettier in-person!



Cikgu Mohd Salleh

See Yew Soon SYS and Farouq

With sweet Hani, 
the new cast for season 2. 
She is also well known for her Waktu Rehat slot.

In the theatre, waiting eagerly for episode 1 and 2.
Both episodes memang kelakar.

Mr. Henry Middleton and Cikgu Mohd Salleh

Hani, Shafiq, Jibam, See Yew Soon SYS and Farouq

Imran and Shafiq, 
baju sama color!

We were well fed!

Anusha, Hani, Farouq, Jibam

Esok start season 2, jom tengok and improve our English, 
especially mine, 
Oh My English!!

The VIP Tickets that Amir won

The OhMyEnglish poster signed by the casts!

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