Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Family Vacation in Surfers Paradise, Australia.

Klik DI SINI untuk Itinerari Percutian di Gold Coast

Jalan-jalan ke Gold Coast, Australia.

Happily and safely arrived in Gold Coast, Australia.
According to the weather forecast, it would be raining the whole week,
but it turned out to be sunny all the way, hot and windy!
Perfect weather for a great family vacation.

We were happy with the apartment that we rented in Surfers Paradise,
a spacious 2 bedroom apartment with 2 extra bed provided,
enough for the six of us.

Tempat menarik di Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is really an amazing place and of course surfing is the order of the day. 
Subuh lagi dah ada orang surfing.
The current was really strong but that was what made it so awesome.

There was a sand sculpting competition when we were there, 
and a night market too selling mostly arts and crafts items.
We only bought the macadamia nuts there,
didn't really find anything we need at this market, but the atmosphere here was quite nice.

One of the Sand Sculpture Statue.

Membeli belah di Harbour Town, Gold Coast, Australia.

DFO, Harbour Town

If you are a shopaholic, this is the place for you. 
But since Surfers Paradise is a tourist spot, the items are rather expansive.
At least for me it is. Maybe the items at DFO is cheaper but I found that even the items at DFO in Surfers Paradise are more expansive compared to those in DFO Melbourne. 
But then again, maybe it is just me.

My brother, Aiman had to stay an extra one night in Australia before catching his flight back to New Zealand, after the whole family left back for Malaysia. My mom made an arrangement for him to stay with an Australian family in Tugun, dekat dgn airport, senang sikit. The Oz family was nice and my brother managed to visit the Currumbin Wild Life Sanctuary while staying with them. The place is just a walking distance from where he was staying.

We planned our stay and activities here but had  to cancel a few.
We did not make it to the Tamborine Mountain because the vehicle that we rented could not handle the steep road and we had to cancel our trip to the sunflower field since they have been harvested by the time we arrived.
it was a fun vacation, good quality time with the whole family.

Mandi di pantai Surfers Paradise di Gold Coast Australia

Klik DI SINI untuk Itinerari Percutian di Gold Coast

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