Friday, June 29, 2012

Jelita Magazine, July 2012, Menjelang Ramadhan Issue

I was busy revising for my finals when I received a tweet/news from a friend. 
The next day, after a long day at the library, I stopped over at the book store and bought myself a 
Jelita magazine, July 2012, "Menjelang Ramadhan" edition.

After flipping the pages in the magazine, I finally landed on this particular page!

*extracted from Jelita magazine.

I guess everything turned out OK especially considering
this is my first time working with the camera.
And thanks to the people at Berita Publishing 
especially the camera woman, the makeup artist and that sweet lady, Kak Izni.

Photoshoot Experience at Berita Publishing

Photoshoot at Shangrila for EH! Magazine.

EH! Magazine June 2013

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  1. fewwittttttt so sweet la fatin kau kt dlm tuuu.. i like like

  2. Lawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gila *pengsan*

  3. You look so different! In a good way. Very woman-like. :)