Monday, March 3, 2014

Bercuti di Gold Coast, Australia: Movie World.

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Hari ni ada date dengan Mr. Batman, yeay!

movie world, gold coast, australia

Our second visit to MovieWorld after 19 years and Batman is still there.
Tak tua pun dia, 
masih muda and kacak macam dulu, hahaha 

My date, with his awesome vehicle!

I went on almost all the rides,
screamed like crazy and
had so much fun!
movie world

My three musketeers a.k.a  Super Heroes!

Groovy Baby!, 
Austin Power @ Movieworld, GoldCoast. 

Edward ScissorHand @ Movieworld, GoldCoast.  

We greeted him and tried to make him talk and laugh but he looked so serious, 
he was so in character.

Mr Batman @ MovieWorld, GoldCoast. 

Can't resist taking this photo.
The kids are too cute!

ScoobyDoo Spooky ride.
Seems harmless from the outside,
but just wait till you get inside!

When my brother went up to her to take this photo, 
she whispered, 
"Oooo, Superman",
 in a sexy voice! 

Maryln Monroe's quote of the day:

"So many men but so little time"

"It is really hot here. Is it hot? Or is it just me?
Oh, yeah, it is me"

Just like SeaWorld, you can bring your bag into MovieWorld. So you could bring in your own food since they did not check your bag at the entrance. But if you are eyeing for the roller coaster rides, it might be troublesome to carry the bag around unless you paid for a locker.
As for us, we packed our own lunch and had a picnic just outside Movieworld. There are quite a number of picnic tables and benches near the entrance. Remember to cleanup after you are done with your lunch!

Berjumpa Batman di Gold Coast Australia, Penginapan di Gold Coast Australia

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