Tuesday, March 11, 2014

8 Km Run @ Kolej Kedua, UPM

We've been planning to join a Fun Run for quite some time but never actually consider it seriously, thinking that we might not make it to the finish line. But finally we decided to give it a try and registered for the Run For Life 3.0 at Universiti Putra Malaysia, it is a 10km run for the guys and 8km for the girls.

We left very early, stopped over at the RnR to have our Subuh prayers and reached UPM around 645 am.
It started with a warm-up and aerobic session which was quite fun. The guys were flagged off 5 minutes earlier than the girls. We managed to finish the race and there were a lot of other people behind us, now that IS an achievement for us. 

And now, looking forward for another run!


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