Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pregraduation Dinner 2013: Degree in Accountancy, Uitm Shah Alam

Pregraduation Dinner Faculty of Accountancy UiTM Shah Alam 2013

We are graduating really soon, Inshaa Allah. So a pregraduation dinner is a must. 

And as usual, the biggest problem encountered was, 'what do I wear?' The theme was 'White Garden', I decided to disregard the 'white' and just went with the 'garden'. So I bought this floral green fabric and sewed this dress, managed to get the final alteration done a few hours before leaving for the venue, The Grand Dorset, Subang Jaya. 
I am not a pro at sewing but I think I did pretty good with this dress.

I basically tried to D.I.Y everything. I bought fake flowers and D.I.Y a necklace and bangle. But then, I decided not to wear them. I bought some red glittering materials and planned to D.I Y a clutch but I ran out of time. Ikutkan hati, kasut pun nak D.I.Y, sebab tak dok duit!  But in the end, I just pinned some flowers on my hair and have some on my old handbag.

Everyone looked whitish or at least in pastel colors except for a few girls including me who decided to go 'floral'. It was a fun night and hope that all of us will go through our final exam next week with flying colors! 

And photo-session with the usual 'geng'..
Fast Track Accountancy Students 2009-2013

Pregraduation Dinner Faculty of Accountancy UiTM Shah Alam 2013

Pregraduation Dinner Faculty of Accountancy UiTM Shah Alam 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Beautiful Akad Nikah Ceremony :)

We made a day trip down South to attend a wedding solemnization yesterday.
It was a very well planned and beautiful ceremony. 
The bride is one year younger than me. 
She looks beautiful and very who wouldn’t, right?

Everyone seemed to be in a cheerful mood especially when an incident took place during the akad nikah. The father of the bride was so nervous that he could not recite his part and they offered him a glass of water to calm him down, much to the amusement of the guests. The groom was calm and he just starred at his future father-in-law who was so nervous. When it all ended, the father’s bride received a big pat on the back from relatives and friends for a job well done..hahaha   
(now, who is actually getting married here?)    

And when ‘Adat Lafaz Sakinah’ started, everybody was quite. The mother of the bride started reading the script given to her, reciting her willingness to let her daughter go.  All eyes went watery including my mom’s. I guess, when it comes to a daughter’s wedding, the mother will be the most excited and busiest making all the preparations, she will be the happiest to see her daughter’s big day but at the same time it is the saddest moment to let the daughter go.

A very beautiful akad nikah
too bad we could not make it to their wedding reception next year.



I am not short, okey? 
It was just that my 185cm tall little brother was standing at a higher step of the stairs!
Tak aciiii

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bercuti di Melbourne, Australia Day 5, A trip with College Buddies.

Bercuti di Melbourne, Australia 2013

I loved the cold winter weather here, it worked wonders to my hair.
I've NEVER EVER color my hair but a week here turned them naturally into a little bit of brownish black and the wind made my hair fluffier and bouncier,..loving them!

On the other hand the cold weather made me gained weight even though I took very small portion for each meal (since I was on a tight budget), I guess it was because I did not sweat at all here. Now that was a clear sign that it was time to leave and get back to that sweaty weather of Malaysia, I need that hot and humid weather to lose that weight.

Final day in Melbourne, did some shopping and took a long walk during the night to have one last look at Melbourne city. I was excited and amused when I stumbled upon a dress on sale at Harbour Town which was exactly the same dress that I wore on that particular day, the pattern, brand and material are exactly the same. I bought the dress in Malaysia last month for RM 60 and that same dress was selling at AUD 60 there, that is almost RM 200! Have every reason to love Malaysia even more!

See that dress I wore on the left and on the right is the dress at  Harbour Town, Melbourne.

done with shopping, packed my bag and headed home
to where I left my heart, in Malaysia.
Toodles, Melbourne!

'The geng'

End of day 5: Jalan-jalan di Melbourne, Australia dengan geng kolej (Puncak Family).

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bercuti di Melbourne, Australia Day 4, A trip with College Buddies.

Bercuti di Melbourne, Australia 2013

Itinenary: Phillip Island, Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate

Took a stroll along the boardwalk at The Nobbies and
visited the Moonlit Sanctuary and I just got confused with all these native animals' names,
they all looked the same to me, clueless!

The Nobbies, Phillip Island

Moonlit Sanctuary, Phillip Island

 Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate

End of day 4: Jalan-jalan di Melbourne 2013, Australia dengan geng kolej (Puncak Family).

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