Monday, December 31, 2012

Pulau Pangkor - Day 3

Last day in Pulau Pangkor. 
We took that cute pink mini bus to tour the island.
The driver, a very friendly old chinese guy was like a professional tourist guide, explaining to us almost every detail about the island.  
He brought us to a few interesting places and he talked almost non-stop about this small island.

The Dutch Fort. 

The boys at the ruins of the Dutch Fort 

The Galery

 This coral/stone that we were holding is quite heavy and yet it FLOATS in the water. 
People used to bathe using the water soaked with this coral/stone to cure illness because it is believed to have healing powers.

The three beautiful princesses from Majapahit.
Kembar kot..not sure.

Batu bersurat 1743. 
There is a drawing of a tiger and some writtings on it. 
It is believed that the drawing tells a story of a tiger that mauled and killed the son of a Dutch personnel.

Mini Great Wall of China

We also stopped by at the boat building factory, satay factory, china town and other places 
tapi tak sempat ambik gambar.

But as usual, we enjoyed the beach more than anything else.
It is quite lively, not to crowded, a lot of things to observe and
it is easy to get carried away with lots of thoughts here.

Somehow when I am at the beach,
a lot of things in my mind became disentangled and almost everything seemed crystal clear.  

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Pulau Pangkor - Day 3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pulau Pangkor - Day 2

Took a stroll along the beach early in the morning and just sat and enjoyed the view. 
It was calming staring at the wave rolling and hitting the beach.
It was fun just
watching little children fighting who get to play on the wooden swing first, 
listening to the beach boys calling for the tourists to join their activities,
the hornbills hopping around looking for food and 
oh yes, not to forget those romantic
 honeymooners, I can tell by the thick inai on their fingers and their happy faces. 

Dah letih usha org kat tepi pantai, then pegi join speed boat trip pulok!


Waiting for the speed boat for a snorkeling trip at Pulau Giam.
I did not enjoy this as much as the one at Tioman Island but oh well, it was okay I guess.

Mandi-manda di Teluk Man.
Now, this one, I LIKEEEEE.

The white sand and clear water, blue sky, the tranquility..almost perfect..THEN came a group of monkeys trying to steal bags/food from the tourists there and then it was not so perfect anymore. Haiya!

Batu Penyu.
see that rock formation on the right hand side of this photo, it does look like a turtle right?

Batu buaya
The rock formation on the left looks like a crocodile.

Batu Ikan Paus.
Nampak tak kepala ikan paus, siap ada pokok to resemble air keluar kat atas kepala dia. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pulau Pangkor - Day 1

This is my 4th visit to Teluk Nipah, Pulau Pangkor with my family. 
The last time we were here was 2 years ago and things have changed quite a bit since then.
There is a new building along the seafront which consists of a row of shops/restaurants. 
It is kind of blocking the sea view if you are walking along the main road.

Other than that, everything else still looked the same to me.
But the sea water was extremely clear this time and I looove it so much.

And this time, I got to see the Hornbills/Enggang.
Sebelum ni tak pernah nampak pun, tapi this time, 
they were easily spotted almost everywhere especially when there was food around. 
I saw dozens of them flying in the sky and others hopping around looking for food especially early in the morning and late evening. Somehow I think these hornbills looked rather small compared to those found in East Malaysia.

But then most of all, 
I enjoyed just lazying around on the beach trying hard to brush off the thought that I have final exams coming in a few days. 

The new building.

The clear sea water

Sun/sea activities

Sunset at Teluk Nipah


The cute pink mini bus/van.

Pulau Pangkor - Day 1

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Pulau Pangkor - Day 3

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sand, sea, breeze and Pulau Pangkor

My wish came true.
Stepped my feet on the sand, got my toes in the water and felt the breeze on my skin.

This is my 4th visit to Pulau Pangkor and yet I still enjoyed it very much.
Especially this time around I managed to visit a few interesting/historical places on the island.

It was a much needed break for me to relax the mind & soul.

Pulau Pangkor - Day 1

Pulau Pangkor - Day 2

Pulau Pangkor - Day 3