Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bercuti di Melbourne, Australia Day 5, A trip with College Buddies.

Bercuti di Melbourne, Australia 2013

I loved the cold winter weather here, it worked wonders to my hair.
I've NEVER EVER color my hair but a week here turned them naturally into a little bit of brownish black and the wind made my hair fluffier and bouncier,..loving them!

On the other hand the cold weather made me gained weight even though I took very small portion for each meal (since I was on a tight budget), I guess it was because I did not sweat at all here. Now that was a clear sign that it was time to leave and get back to that sweaty weather of Malaysia, I need that hot and humid weather to lose that weight.

Final day in Melbourne, did some shopping and took a long walk during the night to have one last look at Melbourne city. I was excited and amused when I stumbled upon a dress on sale at Harbour Town which was exactly the same dress that I wore on that particular day, the pattern, brand and material are exactly the same. I bought the dress in Malaysia last month for RM 60 and that same dress was selling at AUD 60 there, that is almost RM 200! Have every reason to love Malaysia even more!

See that dress I wore on the left and on the right is the dress at  Harbour Town, Melbourne.

done with shopping, packed my bag and headed home
to where I left my heart, in Malaysia.
Toodles, Melbourne!

'The geng'

End of day 5: Jalan-jalan di Melbourne, Australia dengan geng kolej (Puncak Family).

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  1. nice travelog and pictures adik.. sis amazed sgt dgn all ur pics.. kegembiraan bsama rakan2.. eheheh berapa RM bawa masa tuh? boleh add sis kat fb . ada something nak tanya sbb sis gonna b there around may or june..

  2. Assalamualaikum W.B.T. hai sy jumpe blog awak nie time godek2 search pasal percutian ke australia. hehe. btw boleh sy tahu total budget awak utk sepanjang percutian awak ke australia nie. hehe. bole sy tahu harga tiket flight and total budget awak. kire both tiket flight punya price dengan total whole budget. please please share ye sebab nak tahu sgt. sy ngah planning budget trip pegi ke sana. I'd appreciate it if u could reply me. thanks a bunch! =D

  3. Hi,
    saya tak bawa banyak, cuma RM 1200 je, pergi dgn airsia RM800 ++ pergi balik. Kat sana tinggal rumah kawan2 yang belajar di Melbourne and jln2 kat sana kita org share sewa kereta.