Monday, August 26, 2013

Melbourne, Australia Day 3, A trip with College Buddies.

Bercuti di Melbourne, Australia 2013

Itinerary: Mount Buller

So I once landed on Mount Whistler Winter Resort, Vancouver, Canada with my parents when I was 4 years old. Judging from these photos, I was definitely clueless, really did not know what to do other than just running about and playing with the snow all by myself. 
And I always tell myself if I ever had the chance to experience the snow again, I am not going to do just that, I will make sure I'll go snow boarding and skiing.

And yes, I managed to touch the snow once again, this time at Mt Buller, Australia but NO I did not have the chance to go snowboarding or skiing because of my tight budget so I still ran around clueless-ly, throwing snowballs, jumping and sitting on the snow but at least I went clueless with a bunch of other people, my college buddies, and not alone. Now that is a BIG progress!

Maybe, one day, I'll be back again or maybe I'll travel to another snowy mountain someday and be able to do what I've been longing to do, one fine day.


And before heading back,
we bumped into Scha and Awal, the celebrity couple who happened to be vacationing at Mt. Buller too.

Bercuti di Melbourne, Australia. Mount Buller

End of day 3: Jalan-jalan di Melbourne, Australia dengan geng kolej (Puncak Family).

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