Sunday, September 28, 2014

IJM Land Run 2014 @ Seremban

It was the IJMLand Run Day!
We reached the venue after Subuh and 
were greeted to the sound of the band by these lovely kids. 

We had not had our family run for quite a while, well for me to be exact, because my dad and brothers had joined quite a few runs without me previously.  

 Light green boys and orange girls waiting to be flagged-off!

Waiting for our turn. 
My little brother, Amir, missed the registration but still, he wanted to run.
 So he was one of those participants running without the light green tshirt. we ran..

 Abah arriving after his 12 km run with a smile and peace!

My little brother arriving with style..ha ha
(This photo is not mine: extracted from bestofrunning FB)

I had a good run after quite a long break from running and boot-camps. 
And most probably will be missing more runs in the future due to some unavoidable reasons.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Yesterday was another photo-shoot session. 
This time it was for Cosmopolitan Magazine. I was roughly briefed on the phone that this photo session is for a step-by-step make-over with special focus on the eyebrow makeup for office wear.   

My eyebrows are already quite thick so there is not much make-up needed. 
But my eyebrow is a bit messy, however as always, I prefer to leave it as it is, no alteration! 

Since this is a make-over,  the BEFORE make-up photo was taken. The make-up artist applied some whitish cream on my face to make it look pale for the BEFORE MAKE OVER look. 

The focus for the photo-shoot was on the eyebrow so even my hair was left undone. They only tied a simple pony tail and that's about it. Even my fringe was pulled back to show my eyebrow! 

 I've seen some of the photos and I was told how it would appear in the magazine, 
but I still have no idea which photo will be used and how it will look in the magazine
 until the magazine reaches the shelf  in October!

All the photos were taken without any lipstick on me to ensure the eyebrow as the major focus of the shoot except for the final photo (see.. no lipstick).  

And thank you CosmopolitanMagazine for this gift, 
These are super perfect!