Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bercuti Di Hongkong: Avenue of Stars

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Jalan-jalan di Avenue of Stars.

I love getting on this cute Tram or DingDing. 
It maybe a bit slow but what's the rush, we were on vacation anyway!

We took this Dinding and walked around Kennedy Town, a beautiful place by the seaside.
Then hopped on the  MTR to Avenue of Stars. 
We stumbled upon this giant tea pot set at this small and charming 1881 Heritage! 

You know that you have reached The Avenue of Stars 
when you see
... this tall lady looking up to the blue sky ...

... this guy here showcasing his martial arts ...

... the traditional Red Sampan or the "Hongkong Junk " passed by ...

... filming in progress ...

... this lady dancing in the sky ...

... and last but not least, this spectacular view!

Good Night Hongkong!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bercuti di Hongkong; Hongkong Park, Masjid Ammar and Southon Park

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Jalan-jalan di Hongkong Park!

Since Hongkong Park is right next to The Peak Tram Terminus, 
we decided to walk through the park before heading for lunch.

It was like walking in a town with modern architecture but feeling rather GREEN. 
They also have an aviary, greenhouse, art center, lakes and many different gardens here.

We were there during lunch time and there were many office workers who stopped by to have their lunch here. They packed/bought their lunch and ate at this park in groups. 
Quite a lovely scene: A group of people in suits eating lunch in front of a lake surrounded by greenerries and shadowed by sky scrapers! 

As for us,
we packed our lunch from Ebeneezeer Pizza , one super duper large pizza and nasi arab,
and walked to the nearby Southon Park
had sort of a picnic there.

 Just like Hongkong Park,
this place is full with office workers having a break.
Not only they had lunch, they even played basketball and other games here.


 We had our prayers at Masjid Ammar.
A lot of nice people here. Even the group of Hongkong school children who were there, were very friendly, waving at us as they left with their school bus. One of the guys here suggested that we should visit the oldest mosque in Hongkong but we did not make it there.

They have a canteen here at Masjid Ammar,
 we already had lunch but we know where to head for lunch tomorrow!