Monday, June 17, 2013

EH! Magazine, Behind the Scene

EH! Magazine June Wedding Fashion Spread 

Behind The Scene Video

"Behind The Scene" Video for EH! Magazine June Wedding Fashion Spread  has been released.

When I viewed the video,
I realized that I had Inai Mekah on my nails.
I actually applied the Inai way before I was called for the photo shoot.
Sepatutnya pengantin yg berinai.. bukan bridesmaid... 

Extracted from EH! Magazine Facebook Page. The beautiful ...kan?

Click on the link below to watch the video:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FRIM: Forest Research Institute Malaysia

So we were like 'The Odds' when we entered FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)
because we were not properly attired for a morning jog like the rest of the other visitors there. 

Abah had been wanting to show us the Kapur trees, a.k.a, Broccoli trees.
They are unique because they look like a forest roof from the ground, awesome view!

Abah visited FRIM quite a number of times for meetings regarding some projects and since he normally goes to FRIM on a week day, he had no idea what take place there on a weekend. Everybody came with a complete sports attire, we did not seem to bump into anyone without it. 

The place is so green and soothing and I never expected the place to be so lively. There were so many people, many foreign tourists, people jogging as well as cycling, those with small children having fun in the small man made pool next to a small waterfall and the canopy walk tickets were sold out quite early in the morning, so we missed it. 

There was a wedding reception when we were there. 
How cool is that, weddings surrounded by greeneries, mesti gambar wedding cantik2
bride and groom in white wedding dress with green nature as the back drop....I Like that!   

So next time we step our foot here, we will come prepared..
with sports attires, and there are so many things in our to do list:
1. jog of course
2. canopy walk
3. rent bicycles and cycle to enjoy the view
4. jungle tracking
5. picnic at the waterfall or next to the pool
and more!

The giant Dragon fish in this pond, 
so big and swimming in slow mo..
they look like they are too fat , lazy and heavy to move.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pulau Perhentian Day 3

Our last day in Pulau Perhentian.

Loving this place so much and already making plans to revisit this beautiful Island once my brother, 
Aiman, is back in Malaysia. 

But before saying goodbye, 
we took one last dip to feed the colorful fish and we were lucky enough to be able to spot quite a big size Parrot fish among the many marine life in the shallow water near the beach. 

You do not need to go far or dive too deep 
to catch a glimps of the colorful marine life and corals. 
Every corner of this beautiful Island and its beaches is a view to behold! 

At Perhentian, you could either walk along the beach or
just walk on water, like we did!

Walking on water

Imran feeding the fish near the beach.

The water near the beach, so clear. 
You dont even have to dive to see the colorful fish, they will come to you.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Pulau Perhentian Day 2

Our second day at Perhentian Island.

Taking a stroll along the torqouise beach, enjoying the sunny weather and just admiring the beautiful scenery, definitely a picture perfect.  Never had enough no matter how long I stared at the blue ocean.

Early morning stroll near the beach.

We had our breakfast near the beach and prepared for our snorkeling trip soon after.

We visited 4 popular spots including The Turtle Point, The Shark Point and The Light house.
The view at the first stop was breathtaking, coral and marine life are abundance. Colorful fish including Baracuda everywhere, it was like you were surrounded by them wherever you go.

Our boat men made sure that we got to snorkel and spot the turtle at The Turtle Point. He made a few rounds to make sure we stopped where the turtle was resting. A breathtaking experience, being in the water with a live big size turtle.

   And initially none of us spotted the shark when we snorkeled at the The Shark Point. 
But one of the boat men dived into the water and asked us to follow him, he kept on saying, 'you came all the way, you have to see the shark', and yes, we finally saw a shark. It was probably a baby shark, about 1 meter long, grey color (Not that scary White Shark, Thanked God!). I was speechless when the shark swam passed right in front of me and the boat men signaled to me not to move. Never forget that very moment.

Things were different at The Light House. We dived into the water but after a moment everybody quickly swam back to the boat. The current there was too strong and the view under the ocean was a bit scary, all dark and very deep. After all we were in the middle of the ocean.

This is such an amazing experience. 
I've snorkeled at Pulau Tioman and Pulau Pangkor before, but nothing can compare to this. 
Pulau Perhentian is way better in every sense. 

Where we had our breakfast

Imran at the jetty.
Laut biru macam nila.

Waiting for the boat at the jetty.

The view from the boat during our snorkeling trip.

Amir and Imran at The Shark Point.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pulau Perhentian Day 1

Visiting Pulau Perhentian for the first time.

Snapping photos at the jetty in Besut
while waiting for the boat to take us to Perhentian Island.

It was everything like we had imagined, 
crystal clear water, beautiful blue ocean and the weather was perfecto.

And Shari-La Resort, the place where we stayed, was quite pleasant. 
Local tourists were out-numbered by foreign tourists when we were there.
Rambut hitam tenggelam dek rambut blonde yg ramai sgt.
But surprisingly, even though the place was packed with visitors, you don't hear that much noise.
The resort, the beach here are quite and awesomely beautiful

The Shari-La chalets are in the middle of natural vegetation with each of the chalet built under a canopy of trees. And they have their own dive center too. 
We stayed in a suite with a small living area, study area and TV area.

Except for the limited Internet coverage which is to be expected on an Island, 
we basically have nothing to complain about. Or probably, we should compliment the staff there for being very friendly. Infact, they are very honest. We accidentally left our camera at the reception area and the staff there kept it for us until we called to enquire about it. 

Five of us,on the boat for almost half an hour,
heading to Pulau Perhentian. 
There were another 2 families travelling with us, one local and one form the US,  
and the same families also ended up on the same boat with us during our snorkeling trip on the second day.

View of Besut from our boat.

The view of the South China Sea from our boat during the journey.

We were greeted by this beautiful scenery. 
This jetty leads straight to Shari-La Resort.

This is definitely better than Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Tioman, 
at least I think so.

Shari-La Reception's Area.

Another corner of Shari-La's reception area.

And this is my favourite spot
simply because the internet coverage is the strongest here.
I would sit here for a while every time after dinner just so I could get connected.
But I was never alone
since mama always make sure my bodyguard, a.k.a my brother, Imran, accompanied me.

Shari-La's Sunset Restaurant.
We discovered that eating here is cheaper than at the restaurant by the seaside.
It is more comfortable too unless you really want a tan.

The deck just outside the restaurant,
facing the beautiful blue sea.
A nice spot for an evening tea with the family.

The restaurant near the beach.
The food is okey but they really took  a long time to prepare even a simple dish.
You gotta be patient, after all everyone landed on the Island to yeah..
....and snorkeling trip on Day 2..

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