Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bercuti di Gold Coast, Australia: Byron Bay.

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Mandi di pantai Byron hari ni, yeay!

Things to do in New South Wales

Very excited, we would be going into another territory today, leaving Queensland for New South Wales.
We were heading to Byron Bay when we were caught with a massive traffic jam due to a major accident on the highway. So we ended up driving along the Scenic Rim instead.
It turned out to be an awesome scenic drive passing through some beautiful places.

And finally
we arrived at the most Easterly Point in Australia, Byron Bay.

jalan-jalan di byron bay

Byron Bay is magnificently beautiful with its deep blue sea and awesome waves.
We took the rugged headland walk with stunning ocean views. The light house is a picturesque.
We were hoping to spot dolphins, turtles or whales but none was there.
Maybe it was not the right timing. 

  And we stopped by at Byron Bay Conservation Park and took a dip in the ocean.
 It was 2 hours before sun set so there were not many people there.
Almost felt like the ocean was ours,
love the waves so much!

bercuti di byron bay, gold coast

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