Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Yesterday was another photo-shoot session. 
This time it was for Cosmopolitan Magazine. I was roughly briefed on the phone that this photo session is for a step-by-step make-over with special focus on the eyebrow makeup for office wear.   

My eyebrows are already quite thick so there is not much make-up needed. 
But my eyebrow is a bit messy, however as always, I prefer to leave it as it is, no alteration! 

Since this is a make-over,  the BEFORE make-up photo was taken. The make-up artist applied some whitish cream on my face to make it look pale for the BEFORE MAKE OVER look. 

The focus for the photo-shoot was on the eyebrow so even my hair was left undone. They only tied a simple pony tail and that's about it. Even my fringe was pulled back to show my eyebrow! 

 I've seen some of the photos and I was told how it would appear in the magazine, 
but I still have no idea which photo will be used and how it will look in the magazine
 until the magazine reaches the shelf  in October!

All the photos were taken without any lipstick on me to ensure the eyebrow as the major focus of the shoot except for the final photo (see.. no lipstick).  

And thank you CosmopolitanMagazine for this gift, 
These are super perfect!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Short and Sweet Aidil Fitri :)

As usual, we had to tour the peninsular to celebrate raya:
Shah Alam - Alor Star, 
Alor Star - Kota Bharu  
Kota Bharu - Shah Alam.

It was tiring especially with the massive Raya traffic, 
but when I get to celebrate Raya and spent time with all the important people in my life, 
the journey is worth it. 

But, I miss my Mak Tok so much, second time celebrating Raya without her around.
My younger brother, Aiman is not here too: celebrating raya in Auckland.

I had to work right after Raya, so I cannnot take a long leave for the festive season.
It was a short stay but definitely a Sweet Raya.

And this Raya, 
kali pertama bagi duit raya.
Dah kerja kena lah bagi duit raya, terasa dah tua! 
(Just for the record, I am only 23, okay?)