Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gold Coast, Australia, Now and Then :)

Percutian ke Gold Coast, Australia, dulu dan kini, Gold Coast, Australia, dulu dan sekarang :)

Klik DI SINI untuk Itinerari Percutian di Gold Coast

We have been to Gold Coast 19 years ago, I was 4 years old then and Aiman celebrated his second birthday in Surfers Paradise. 
This time we re-visited SeaWorld, MovieWorld and some parts of Surfers Paradise again.Things have changed a lot after 19 years. 

 MovieWorld has new rides and shows but BATMAN stays FOREVER.Well, who doesn't love BATMAN? My mom told me (cos I cannot recall much)  that they used to have a show where we were allowed into a studio and they showcased how a movie was being filmed. At that time, the movie was, Batman Forever! But they don't have this slot anymore nowadays.

 left Summer 2014, right Winter 1995.
Aiman, mama and me.

Jalan-jalan di Surfers Paradise

above  Winter 1995, below Summer 2014.
Aiman, abah and me. 

The old bushy trees are gone, replaced with new ones. And the Superman Escape roller coaster at the back seemed to take over the whole background. Gone are the blue skies! But surely, Superman ride is really awesome.

As for SeaWorld, we don't see the Dolphin Strollers at all during our recent visit. I really think the strollers are unique! And we cannot locate the statues of a row of cute little penguins greeting visitors near the Penguin Encounter entrance. They are no longer there. But they have shark bay and polar bear now and they are amazing.

SEAWORLD,above  Winter 1995, below Summer 2014.
Aiman and me.

Some trees are gone and some seemed to be replanted and amazingly, even the Walrus's mustache has turned white hahaha, dah beruban dia! Well, after all, he is 19 years older, at least.

Infront of SEAWORLD
 above  Winter 1995, below Summer 2014
Me, mama and Aiman.

They have changed the signboard at the back, promoting their latest roller coaster, The Storm!

Aiman and me on Dolphin Strollers, Winter 1995. 

Pelican Beach
Above, Winter 1995 Below, Summer 2014
Pelican beach looked greener this time around compared to 19 years ago.

Too bad we do not have enough time to re-visit DREAMWORLD. 
Otherwise, we could have locate the same places again. Well, maybe some day we will, dream on!

DreamWorld 1995:


And maybe we should revisit other countries too,
 it would be fun tracing back memories!

GOLD COAST Australia, then and now.
Revisiting Gold Coast Australia after 20 years

Klik DI SINI untuk Itinerari Percutian di Gold Coast

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Tram Experience, Yarra River, Camberwell Sunday Market,
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