Sunday, August 4, 2013

DIY Marathon

Raya will be here in a couple of days and I am going through a sewing marathon.
I've been thinking of preparing this Cleopatra Headband for all the girls and ladies for Raya. So I got myself some beautiful pastel color roses and elastic bands and started stitching immediately. If I counted them right, I am supposed to have 16 Cleopatra Headbands for all the female cousins, aunties and my grandmother in Kelantan and I am hoping that these headbands will fit them well.   

 My Cleopatra Headband.

And as expected, I started sewing all the Raya clothes at the very last minute. And I included a maxi kaftan for my grandmother in Kelantan. I am just guessing her measurements,  tak sempat nak minta ukuran so yeah, muat kot!

Hoping for a safe journey back to Kelantan and then, Kedah. 
This will be the first time celebrating Raya in Kedah without my Mak Tok,
 so sad, 
she will no longer be at the front door waiting for us to arrive like all these years. 
Not anymore.