Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pengalaman Umrah & Ziarah Sekeluarga Hari 11 & 12 (Perjalanan Umrah pada Akhir Musim Sejuk dengan Andalusia 2016)

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Sunday, 14th of February 2016
Monday, 15th of February 2016

Our last day for our 12 day Umrah journey and our final day in Mekah.
Before performing our Tawaf Wida or Tawaf Selamat Tinggal, we took one long last look at the magnificient Ka'bah once again.

I will really miss this place. 
So crowded and yet so calming and peaceful.
A rare combination!

Our view today!

umrah dan ziarah yang bermakna

Though packed most of the time, 
there is always room for everyone.

Good Bye. 
May Allah grant us with a Mabrur Umrah and
the opportunity to visit this amazing place again..soon.

We performed our Tawaf Wida (Tawaf Selamat Tinggal) after which no photos and other activities are allowed, we need to leave as soon as possible.
So we check-out of the hotel and boarded the bus to Jeddah.

While we were in Jeddah airport, I received a call from my boss asking me if I could start working tomorrow morning since everything had piled-up at the office and I obediently said YES!

We arrived home at 5 o'clock in the morning the following day and a few hours later, I was already at work, staring at the computer at the office!
The usual life continues...but Ka'abah, Madinah and Mekah shall never be forgotten.
Our Umrah journey will always linger.

P/s I can still see the twirling motion of people at the Ka'abah, I can still hear the people calling us 'Hajjah' and 'Haji' while we were there,
the clapping sound and the shouting of "ibu! ibu!" of the women guards in Madinah,
 the tudung terbang in Madinah and all.

And the doves, lovely doves..everywhere..will surely miss all of these!

They called me "Hajjah Fatin" in Madinah and Mekah :P
I am the eldest child and the only daughter of The Hilmis

They called him "Haji Aiman" in Madinah and Mekah :P
The second child and the eldest son of The Hilmis.

They called him "Haji Imran" in Madinah and Mekah :P
The third child of The Hilmis.

kelengkapan umrah musim sejuk

They called him "Haji Amir" in Madinah and Mekah :P
The youngest child of The Hilmis

Insyaa Allah,
with all these doas,
we will be invited to perform our HAJI soon.

I am sharing our beautiful and meaningful Umrah Journey here.
Click on the link to read.

Thursday, 4th of February 2016  DAY 1

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