Monday, August 8, 2016

Engagement 7th May 2016 (Majlis Pertunangan di rumah)

Saturday, 7th of May 2016

We had a small gathering of family and friends for my engagement recently.

My dad worked really hard to built this simple yet beautiful pelamin. 
He did everything from scratch. 
He first built the big white wooden frame for the white background drapes. 
He then built the hipster bench from pine wood, later on he made the 2 side tables with hidden lamps and he worked on the overall lighting for the whole pelamin.  

DIY pelamin

DIY pelamin tunang, tempat duduk pun buat sendiri

Hasil tangan ayah saya untuk pelamin tunang. Lampu ayah buat sendiri. DIY pelamin tunANG 

And the DIY did not stop there. 

I DIY my hantaran decorations myself. 
Seven trays with off-white roses and baby breath.  

Hantaran pertunangan  


Hantaran pertunangan
DIY hantaran tunang dengan bunga ros dan baby breath

And the DIY continues..
I started sewing my engagement dress the night before the engagement itself.
The sewing part was fast and smooth
when it comes to placing the beads, it was a trial-n-error.

Baju pertunangan
DIY pelamin tunang. DIY baju tunang

And on the engagement day, early in the morning, I applied the make-up myself. 
That was abreeze. 

So with a DIY pelamin by my dad,
7 DIY hantaran tray decorations, a DIY dress and a DIY makeup by yours truly,
and our house 'as is',
my engagement took place.

Thanks to my
for being there for me and most importantly,
 for making this day 
as beautiful and cheerful as it could be.

And  thank you to my fiancee and his family too. 

Thanks to my dad ( in dark brown baju melayu) 
for the rustic yet modern pelamin.

with mama

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  1. Hello there! Your pelamin is so nice, do you care to rent it to me? :D Btw, I'm Ezaa from Shah Alam. The bench and the hiasan tepi2 tu sgt cantik. the backdrop takpa i'll use simple jetstand je :) Looking forward for your response! 0176620889 - Ezaa

  2. Hai sy berminat dengan design pelamin simple awak. Saya nak tanya kalau2 ayah awak masih boleh buat bench dgn lampu tu tak? boleh wassap sy tak? 0177478287-diba