Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pengalaman Umrah & Ziarah Sekeluarga Hari 9 (Perjalanan Umrah pada Akhir Musim Sejuk dengan Andalusia 2016)

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Friday, 12th of February 2016

After subuh at Masjidil Haram, we decided to explore Mekah a little bit. 
After all, we only have today and tomorrow to spend in Mekah

membeli barang di mekah
The 2 Rial shop, similar to "Kedai 2 Ringgit" in Malaysia

umrah dan ziarah sekeluarga

We arrived back at the hotel and prepared ourselves to head to Masjidil Haram for Zohor.

And when we got back at the hotel again, our uncle who is working in Mekah stopped by to visit us and much to our surprise, he brought along the famous Al-Baik Fried Chicken and burger.

ayam albaik

This fried chicken is definitely delicious. It even taste better than KFC!
Finger Licking Good.

It was time for Magrib and we made our way to Masjidil Haram again.

Time flies very fast here since we headed to the mosque 2 hours before every azan, went back to the hotel for our meal and by the time we finished our meal, it was the time to walk back to the mosque.

And magically, you'll never feel tired but rather, always excited to head back to the mosque again and again and again.  

ka'abah dari jambatan mataf

Our view today, Ka'abah from the Mataf Bridge  after Isyak

My mom and dad , watching the Ka'abah and the surrounding from this Mataf Bridge after completing Tawaf Sunat. 

This is our favorite spot. Tengok ka'abah pun dapat pahala.

The young couple sitting next to my mum were helping each other in memorising/reciting the quran while looking at the Ka'abah.

As midnight approached, the area around the ka'abah was less crowded.
 Infact , it was much less crowded compared to the time when we first performed our umrah at midnight a few days ago.

But soon after, the crowd built-up again..really packed.

I am sharing our beautiful and meaningful Umrah Journey here.
Click on the link to read.

Thursday, 4th of February 2016  DAY 1

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