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Pengalaman Umrah & Ziarah Sekeluarga Hari 10 (Perjalanan Umrah pada Akhir Musim Sejuk dengan Andalusia 2016)

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Saturday, 13th of February 2016

Our forth and last Umrah today. 
Our Miqat is at Hudaibiyyah.

After subuh prayers at Masjidil Haram and breakfast, as usual we boarded the bus.
Our first destination for ziarah was the Museum of Two Holy Mosques.

muzium dua masjid

muzium dua masjid

The original Zam Zam well.

Later on, we headed to Hudaibiyyah for our Miqat. 
We snapped a few photos in front of what was left of Hudaibiyyah mosque before getting into ihram attire.

The ruins of Hudaibiyyah Mosque.

We had our prayers at a small mosque structure situated next to the ruins and once we recite our niat for Umrah, our Ihram started.

We were back in Masjidil Haram again and completed our fourth  and final Umrah.

umrah 2016

Never get tired of this place.
There was always an amazing feeling when I was there.

 Today was a long day.
We had ziarah in the morning, performed Umrah during noon.

And after Isyak at Masjidil Haram, we joined the group to climb Jabal thur. This is where Gua Hirak is located. The place where our Prophet (s.a.w) received his first revelation. 

After alighting from the bus, we had to take a van towards the foot of Jabal Thur. It was a roller coaster ride, very bumpy and quite a scare. The trails heading to the top of Jabal Thur were extremely steep. Some people had to give-up halfway. I was lucky to have my strong brothers with me. Aiman carried my bag and both of them made sure I reached the top safely.

It was amazing how my dad made it since he is already 51 years old.
I guess his determination to witness Gua Hirak himself kept him going all the way.

My mom could not join us since she had a bad ankle.
And my little brother accompanied her at the hotel. 

It was an emotional journey for some of the climbers.
 I heard the sound of ladies weeping as they climbed. One Arab lady even screamed because she was too tired.  Just imagine how determined Siti Khadijah was, 
the wife of our Prophet (s.a.w), 
who climbed Jabal Thur everyday to send him food. 

gua hirak

Our view of Mekah from Jabal Thur. 
We can see the clock tower and the whole city from up here.
Amazing view. 

I am sharing our beautiful and meaningful Umrah Journey here.
Click on the link to read.

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