Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pengalaman Umrah & Ziarah Sekeluarga Hari 5 (Perjalanan Umrah pada Akhir Musim Sejuk dengan Andalusia 2016)

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Monday, 8th of February 2016

Our last day in Madinah.

After breakfast, my brothers brought all our luggage down to the lobby since we will have to check-out of the hotel after lunch.

With a heavy heart, we will be leaving this magnificent mosque of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). 
But we look forward to witness the most amazing thing, the Holy Ka'abah and hoping for a Mabrur Umrah. 

But before we leave, we went back to Masjid Nabawi for our solat Zohor. 

Later on, we went  to the green dome for our ziarah wida, the final resting place of our prophet (s.a.w) to say goodbye to him as indication we were leaving Madinah. 

the green dome

The doves in Madinah..goodbye! 

Finally we left Madinah for Mekah, 
stopping over at Miqat, Bir Ali Mosque. We shall have our solat sunat and change into our ihram attire here in preparation for our first Umrah in Mekah.

Bir Ali Mosque

Once we boarded the bus again, our Mutawif guided us how to  niat for our first ever Umrah,
  after which, 
we must started to observe all the forbidden acts during ihram until we completed our Umrah.

Now, heading to Mekah. 
We read a lot about Mekah and Umrah and attended Umrah courses, 
but honestly, being our first time here, none of us knew what to expect in this spiritual journey, 
but we knew it will be beautiful and meaningful.  

May we be granted with a Mabrur Umrah.

I am sharing our beautiful and meaningful Umrah Journey here.
Click on the link to read.

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