Friday, May 8, 2015

Bercuti di Hongkong 2015: KLIA2 ke HKIA

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Klik DI SINI untuk itinerari perjalanan. 

I survived Hongkong for 5 days and 4 nights..LOL!

We bought 6 tickets to visit Hongkong but unfortunately my brother, Aiman, could not join us.

The weather forecast for the next 9 days stated that it will be mostly cloudy and raining. But luck was on our side (again!). It only drizzled on the day we arrived and it was cool and windy for the rest of our stay, just nice! 

We parked our car at Putrajaya Central and took the ERLto KLIA2.  

At Putrajaya Central,  waiting for the ERL

Arrived in KLIA2

It was a short and sweet 4 hour flight to Hongkong and
we finally arrived at the ever so busy Hongkong International Airport
We are in Hongkong, yeay!

Blending in at Temple Street, Kowloon.

We took a Double Decker bus from the airport to Kowloon and 
our short journey in Hongkong began. 
We planned to experience Hongkong like the locals, 
 living space will be small (extremely) and 
there will be a lot of walking, 
hopping on and off the MTR and DingDing,

Basically we will be on a walking marathon for the next 4 days in Hongkong!

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  1. Assalam...bole recommend tak accommodation kat sana? Nak pegi next year 3 family...

  2. Salam.. Boleh tahu x awak stay di mane selama 4 days. Insyallah akan ke sana next year.