Monday, May 11, 2015

Bercuti di Hongkong 2015: The Peak Sky Terrace

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Hari ni naik Tram merah ke The Peak, Hongkong, yeay!

Walking marathon for day 2 in Hongkong began.
It was really tiring having to get up around 5am after loads of walking 
around Disneyland the day before. 
At this time subuh is from 5 a.m to 6 a.m so no choice but to get up very early. 

See?, I was walking to the Tram Terminus with a tired face!
It was only a five minute walk but I still felt a bit tired.

But I was a bit cheerful when we reached the terminus.

And even cheerfull-er when I saw the red Tram approaching.

The best part was, we only had to wait for 10 minutes before boarding the Tram.
 The place was packed with tourists but most of them were in a tour group. And they prefer to get on the tram together so they asked us to hop on the half full tram first and of course, 
we didn't mind at all!

If you want to get a good view of Hongkong city while travelling on the Tram uphill,
it is better to get a seat on the right side. 

Yeay, dah sampai atas!
We took the steep escalator, (I can't remember exactly how many floors up) before we reached the Peak Sky Terrace! 

Beautiful Hongkong city scape
from the Sky Terrace

And a family photo is a MUST!

Mama got excited "spying" Hongkong City from The Sky Terrace!

And they have this cute love shape structure where you could write a note and hang it there.

So I did!

See how my face changed, excited and no longer tired after witnessing the beautiful view here from The Peak, Sky Terrace!

Watch my brother's video on his youtube channel : Our journey to The Peak, Hongkong.
Click HERE 

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