Sunday, March 1, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood at the NYE Fund/Fun Run 2014

It is already 2015 but I guess it is not too late to post this entry.

This is NYE Fund Run held at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara on the last day of 2014.
 It is a 5 km run, just a short distance. And it is FUND but still FUN :)

The participants were encouraged to wear costumes and we ( a group of good friends) took it seriously. But when we arrived at the venue, only a handful wore costumes while others just opted for the official T-shirts. Oh, well..

I was the Little Red Riding Hood that night, wearing the red cape that I sewed myself the night before the run. I carried a small basket, and put my hand-phone and drinks inside the basket. I was planning on wearing a pair of Little Red Riding Hood black shoes and long white socks but that did not go well with running so I ended up wearing the running shoes.

And Little Red Riding Hood never actually "run" or "walk"
when she went into the woods 
I skipped...skipped..and went on skipping my way during the run.

I was busy skipping that I forgot to take photos of other runners who were wearing costumes that night!

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