Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bercuti Di Hongkong: Avenue of Stars

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Jalan-jalan di Avenue of Stars.

I love getting on this cute Tram or DingDing. 
It maybe a bit slow but what's the rush, we were on vacation anyway!

We took this Dinding and walked around Kennedy Town, a beautiful place by the seaside.
Then hopped on the  MTR to Avenue of Stars. 
We stumbled upon this giant tea pot set at this small and charming 1881 Heritage! 

You know that you have reached The Avenue of Stars 
when you see
... this tall lady looking up to the blue sky ...

... this guy here showcasing his martial arts ...

... the traditional Red Sampan or the "Hongkong Junk " passed by ...

... filming in progress ...

... this lady dancing in the sky ...

... and last but not least, this spectacular view!

Good Night Hongkong!

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