Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pulau Perhentian Day 1

Visiting Pulau Perhentian for the first time.

Snapping photos at the jetty in Besut
while waiting for the boat to take us to Perhentian Island.

It was everything like we had imagined, 
crystal clear water, beautiful blue ocean and the weather was perfecto.

And Shari-La Resort, the place where we stayed, was quite pleasant. 
Local tourists were out-numbered by foreign tourists when we were there.
Rambut hitam tenggelam dek rambut blonde yg ramai sgt.
But surprisingly, even though the place was packed with visitors, you don't hear that much noise.
The resort, the beach here are quite and awesomely beautiful

The Shari-La chalets are in the middle of natural vegetation with each of the chalet built under a canopy of trees. And they have their own dive center too. 
We stayed in a suite with a small living area, study area and TV area.

Except for the limited Internet coverage which is to be expected on an Island, 
we basically have nothing to complain about. Or probably, we should compliment the staff there for being very friendly. Infact, they are very honest. We accidentally left our camera at the reception area and the staff there kept it for us until we called to enquire about it. 

Five of us,on the boat for almost half an hour,
heading to Pulau Perhentian. 
There were another 2 families travelling with us, one local and one form the US,  
and the same families also ended up on the same boat with us during our snorkeling trip on the second day.

View of Besut from our boat.

The view of the South China Sea from our boat during the journey.

We were greeted by this beautiful scenery. 
This jetty leads straight to Shari-La Resort.

This is definitely better than Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Tioman, 
at least I think so.

Shari-La Reception's Area.

Another corner of Shari-La's reception area.

And this is my favourite spot
simply because the internet coverage is the strongest here.
I would sit here for a while every time after dinner just so I could get connected.
But I was never alone
since mama always make sure my bodyguard, a.k.a my brother, Imran, accompanied me.

Shari-La's Sunset Restaurant.
We discovered that eating here is cheaper than at the restaurant by the seaside.
It is more comfortable too unless you really want a tan.

The deck just outside the restaurant,
facing the beautiful blue sea.
A nice spot for an evening tea with the family.

The restaurant near the beach.
The food is okey but they really took  a long time to prepare even a simple dish.
You gotta be patient, after all everyone landed on the Island to yeah..
....and snorkeling trip on Day 2..

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