Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FRIM: Forest Research Institute Malaysia

So we were like 'The Odds' when we entered FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)
because we were not properly attired for a morning jog like the rest of the other visitors there. 

Abah had been wanting to show us the Kapur trees, a.k.a, Broccoli trees.
They are unique because they look like a forest roof from the ground, awesome view!

Abah visited FRIM quite a number of times for meetings regarding some projects and since he normally goes to FRIM on a week day, he had no idea what take place there on a weekend. Everybody came with a complete sports attire, we did not seem to bump into anyone without it. 

The place is so green and soothing and I never expected the place to be so lively. There were so many people, many foreign tourists, people jogging as well as cycling, those with small children having fun in the small man made pool next to a small waterfall and the canopy walk tickets were sold out quite early in the morning, so we missed it. 

There was a wedding reception when we were there. 
How cool is that, weddings surrounded by greeneries, mesti gambar wedding cantik2
bride and groom in white wedding dress with green nature as the back drop....I Like that!   

So next time we step our foot here, we will come prepared..
with sports attires, and there are so many things in our to do list:
1. jog of course
2. canopy walk
3. rent bicycles and cycle to enjoy the view
4. jungle tracking
5. picnic at the waterfall or next to the pool
and more!

The giant Dragon fish in this pond, 
so big and swimming in slow mo..
they look like they are too fat , lazy and heavy to move.


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