Sunday, February 15, 2015

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2014

The only time one could run or walk freely on Penang Bridge would probably be during The Penang Bridge Run. And that was what our family did in November 2014 together with 60,000 other participants.

So many people on the bridge and at certain point it was like a walkathon since there was not much space to run.
             But I don't mind that at all since being on the bridge itself  is just amazing, and being able to watch the sunset on Penang Bridge is just awesome. 

The most difficult part was not running but trying to contact each other after the run. We thought we could just call each other after the run to meet up but unfortunately there was no phone line. I guess it was due to too many people trying to use the phone at the same time.  

Well, we completed another family run and it was fun! 
My next run will be in KL with my friends.  

** I ran in this black shirt since the official T-shirt is a sleeveless T-shirt and I am not comfortable with that.

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