Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Johor Premium Outlet, JPO

First time at JPO, Johor Premium Outlet, with my family.
We don’t really have the intention of shopping,
we were there just to see what’s the fuss about while visiting Johor Bharu recently.

Even though all the brands here are on sale everyday up to more than 60%,
most of the marked down sale prices are still not that appealing to me,
probably because I am not a brand/designer hunter.
Instead,  I'll go for Jualan Gudang any time,
I don't mind the crowded place, the sweating and scrambling while digging the piles of  items in the Offer Bins  as long as I could get the items at the lowest price possible.

 But I do admire the attractive and unique outdoor settings with its pleasant ambiance here at JPO.
After all, it is a place where the leading designers and famous brands are being showcased,
mestilah kedai pun cantik. 

But I was told that, the items here are out of seasons/outdated items, that's why they are considered cheap for such  famous brands/designers. But I don't really know what design goes for what season since I don't shop at these designer outlets and I don't keep track of designer's line .
Nak masuk designer outlet kat shopping mall pun takut, I guess if I do so, even the salesperson would not want to entertain me since I have that big 'No Money' tag on my forehead.

All the famous brands/designers outlets at JPO (or anywhere else) are really out of my league,
but there was one particular shop that  really caught my eyes and managed to melt my soul, and forced me to fork out some money,

RoadBlock Store
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