Friday, March 1, 2013

Loving February

February may be the shortest month but,
on the contrary, I found that I’ve done zillions of little tiny things and a few big ones this month.

First and foremost, Internship!!.
My first day was on the 4th and it has been going on quite well and hope that I will keep being enthusiastic about waking up at 5:00 in the morning with a zest for the next 5 months.
I have done two presentations so far here, a good experience indeed, managed to polish my public speaking skills and got rid of that public speaking fright.
I like being an Intern especially at a multi-national company such as this!.

My name printed on my cubicle at the office.

The fortune cookies which I received for Chinnesse New Year at the office.
What an inspiration!  

And for the first time ever, I dined at Atmosphere 360, Revolving Restaurant @ KL Tower.
And I was like Wow!!, a very big Awwww!! there. The KL Tower itself is magestically poised, been there once with my family when I was little, then there is this restaurant, which is awesome and brilliant, mind blowing not just because we were revolving in the sky which is really cool but because the food cost a fortune there. Well, at least for me, it IS!. But I am not complaining since I was not the one who had to fork out the bill!

I just had dinner with some really nice people
including two visitors from Texas,USA at a restaurant located
at the tallest sky scrapper in my beloved Malaysia,
overlooking our stunning skyline including the peak of Petronas Twin Tower,
with a nice ambience and rotating 360 degrees and is way above sea level
while enjoying the RM 200 ++ per person buffet spread which  I did not pay myself!
Now what would be the reason not to like?.

We took quite a number of photos at this superb restaurant, and some nice photos at the Cultural Village too, with the beautiful Malaysian houses, and I wish, I really wish I could share those photos here
BUT I dont have them with me right now .…. oh, well..

And last but not least, I surprised my self witorthodontic braces
Some people, even the dentist herself,  asked me the big question, "Why do you want to have braces when your teeth looked OK?". Well, overall, yes, I have good, healthy and quite well arranged teeth but there is this one tiny angle that makes me uncomfortable whenever I see myself in any photo. So for MY self esteem purposes, I had braces fixed on my teeth on the last day of February.
So I am officially a Gigi Besi girl, now and for the next 2 years.
(lamanya. *crying-in-agony, what have I done!).

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