Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Putri Harbour, Johor Bharu

JB has been our kampung for the past 7 years, 
apart from our original kampung in Alor Star and Kota Bharu.

We have not really explore JB entirely, but we do hop in and out once in awhile.
And last month during our balik kampung to JB, we visited Putri Harbour.

Putri Harbour Family Theme Park did seem appealing but we were in a rush 
so we just stopped by at the public marina to enjoy the view. 

The entrance

It is really beautiful here.
A good place to soothe one's mind.
Imagine reading your favourite novel while having a glass of ice-cold lemonade
or enjoying a cup of ice-cream here, 
that would be absolutely perfect.    

Taking a stroll along the promenade with the beautiful landscaped gardens is really therapeutic.
Boleh berangan banyak2 kat sini!

And they have such unique street furnitures,
you just feel like lazying around there.

My brother just cannot resist laying on that unique sculptured bench.
But I guess, he did not positioned his body correctly to fit the shape of the bench,
yeah, you know, typical Imran!

The scenic marina at night time (during Earth Hour 2013).

I think not many local visitors are aware of this beautiful place.
Even when I mentioned the place to a  Johorean friend,
she does not have a clue where this place is.
She is familiar with the Putri Harbour Theme park but not this beautiful public marina.

This place reminds me a bit of Sutera Harbour in Kota Kinabalu,
the beautiful marina resort that I wish to visit again one day.

I guess, later on, after all the development here is complete,
Putri Harbour could be as beautiful as Sutera Harbour too.

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