Sunday, August 5, 2012

15 Years and Still Going Strong

Ramadhan has always been very special to me. In a spiritual way, that is definite.
But not only that, it is special because we get to have our ritual class reunion and Jalan2 Raya together.

That is what me and my primary school's friends do almost every Ramadhan and Raya. 
Eventhough we are all spread across the globe to pursue our education, when it comes to Ramadhan, almost everyone will be home and Iftar together is a must. 

There is always a lot to catch-up with each other. 

Our friendship bracelets: we learned to read, write and count and even sing together.
We have grown from girls and boys to ladies and gentlemens.
15 years and still going strong.

The Invitation Card.

Lovely friends of 15 years
and beyond.

The cake to make sure we all gain weight!

The guys, 
well,  the guys and a girl to be exact.

The guess book, may we be friends forever.
And next, Jalan2 Raya, can't wait.

P/s: photos dicuri dari album Syuk.

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