Thursday, August 30, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

An exciting Raya indeed. 
We did a lot of things during this Raya including the norms e.g ketupat/rendang, forgiving/forgiveness, visiting relatives/friends, bunga api session, attending weddings etc.

On top of that,
we did the not so ordinary things too like
visiting an old friendly Chinese guy on Raya day itself and learned so much about so many things from him,
followed a stranger to a remote village and made new friends there,
chased after a guy on a motorbike to buy his fresh petai and lots more.

Well, that really completed and made a good and interesting Raya for sure.  

Getting my brothers ready for Raya Prayers.
My Mak Tok's house looks cosy, isn't it?

Kampung scenery never fail to amaze me.

My handsome Super Heroes!!

And sometimes, my Super Heroes transformed into...who else but..themselves!!

With Atok, wish that he will get well soon and smile again like he used too.

Cousin's Akad Nikah at the mosque.

Cousin's Wedding on the third day of Syawal.

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