Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tons of Joy.

I am lucky to have so many wonderful friends around me.
Some of whom, I have been friends since kindergarten. 
It is always fun when I get to meet up and share a cup of joy with them. 
And that was what I had a couple of days ago, well I had more than a cup, probably tons of joy catching up with the latest gossips while having sushi with my primary school friends, and yeah, we have been friends for almost 15 years.

There is something special about sushi. When we sat at the sushi bar chances were we'll end up laughing, making a lot of noise and going crazy about almost everything. And then, there was this Wasabi that gave us that warm explosion in our mouth, caused a burning sensation through our nose and made our eyes watery. The more reason for us to burst into laughter.

I love this moment, spending time with great friends. 
Friends, who know me and accept me just the same anytime, anywhere. It is a reassurance to know that we could still share our stories and the most important part is that we all still look at the world the same way, 
the Crazy Way! 

P/s: Semua gambar dicuri dari album Timah.

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