Monday, July 16, 2012

Taman Layang-layang: Run! Forest, Run!

We had our 2 IN 1 annual birthday celebrations at Taman Layang-layang over the weekend. It was a rather hot day but nonetheless we had so much fun, enjoying the delicious Pecan Butter Scotch cake from Secret Recipe and mama's homemade nasi arab with ayam masak pedas, pastry puff with cold cuts, cream crackers pudding and some keropok

The birthday boys, Aiman (19 years old on 14/7) and Amir (14 years old on 15/7)

We arrived rather early but there were already quite a lot of people there. When our tummies were full, everyone automatically rushed to get the kites. 
We realized it was not windy enough judging from the trees and branches which hardly move. But oh well, we were too excited to wait for Mr. Wind to show up so we did the obvious, 
we ran and ran and ran as far as possible to launch our kites. 

Run, Forest, Run!

There was this old man sitting on a picnic chair under a big striped umbrella who kept on staring at us. He had a big beautiful kite (and I bet it cost a lot too) lying next to him. When the leaves and bushes started to move, he gently got up and launched his beautiful big kite without much effort. He even seemed to make his kite danced across the sky (Haiya, show off!). 

He must be laughing at us earlier when we were busy running since unlike us, he knew exactly when to let his kite in the air. Well, we might be exhausted after all the running (and probably managed to burn some calories while we were at it), but eventually most of us managed to get our kites up in the air. And what a big satisfaction it was, hmm, it was like as though you lift up the 'spirit' of the kite, haahaa!

The field here is so massive so there is enough space for everyone. We will definitely visit this place again and let our kites fly one more time. 
Can't wait, so excited to run and run again (now I know why Forest Gum love to run) and this time I'll make sure my kite dance too or find something interesting at the end of the kite line. 

"See you in the Sky"

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