Saturday, March 3, 2012

Markets JayaOne Bazaar & Mod Drift 2012 :)

Had an awesome day at Markets@JayaOne today. 
Gorgeous crowd!
Yes, a lot of handsome guys and pretty girls and I was like, 
where in the SMURF did they all come from? 
And yeah, a lot of activities too. 
Thanks to those who dropped by at my booth today. 
You guys are superb :)

Showing customers how to tie the T.I.Y Turband (Tie It Yourself Turband) 
while entertaining other customers too. 
The turbands really attracted quite a number of people so I had to keep on demonstrating how to tie the turbands. They prefer the TIY Turbands because it is cheaper, selling at only RM10 per piece while the ready to wear ones are going for RM 25 per piece. 
Nevertheless, a few customers opted for the ready to wear ones. 

I did this so many times, now I am definitely an expert. 
I could tie the turbands in seconds without having a mirror in front of me. 
An achievement?
Oh yeah!

Lovely customers . 
Eventhough I was tired and hardly had the chance to sit down or have my lunch break, I was really happy with the number of people who stopped by at my booth. 
Mama bought me KFC for lunch but I managed to have only one small bite of the burger since there were customers all the time. 
Luckily the surau was not that far.

Customers browsing the T-shirt Dress (From Around Town Collections).
I had to change the blouse and Long Skirts on the mannequin a few times since customers bought them. 

Some even asked to buy the hat. 
That is MINE! 

They are trying out my ready to wear turbands. 
Even the guy had one on him. 
How cute is that?

There was a MOD DRIFT challenge at the main area. 
A lot of remote control car enthusiasts were there. It was busy, loud and happening at the track. 

Ze Remote Control Cars!

The MOD DRIFT 2012 Group

Awesome spectators
including my little brother, at the Mod Drift racing track.
My brother was really glued there, he was so engrossed and he cannot be bothered with all the cameras surrounding him. 

Ukelele Street Performance added some spices to the Bazaar!
Lovely! Just lovely!

All in all,
both RoadBlock's Originals a.k.a my Long Skirts collections and Nazara Blouse collections
were the best sellers,
in fact the stocks that I brought to the bazaar almost sold out.

For more photos, click, here, and look for the album entitled "RoadBlock at Markets@JayaOne 3-3-2012" . And till our next OFFLINE Booth, do shop ONLINE at our store, RoadBlock Fashion Store, yuh?
Thanks for your support lovelies. Hope to see you again!

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