Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fun! Fun!

Finally, I managed to spend time with my precious cousins, Atikah and Izzati again.
We made a day trip to Pantai Balok, Kuantan, Pahang during Maulidur Rasul's holiday.

It was a 3 hour journey but it sure did not feel that long since we had fun in the car singing
(we danced in the car too)
and also stopped by for meals at a few places.

My precious, Izzati, got all excited once we reached the beach.
She just can't wait to touch the water. 

Atikah and Izati, 
as usual,
brought much joy to everyone.

Even though the sun was right above our head, 
it did not really bother us much because 
the strong wind helped to reduce the temperature.

Irfan and Amir  with their work of art 
apart from looking for baby crabs. 

Have you ever realized that the beach is probably the only place 
where you can get yourself and your clothes dirty without being scolded? 
Yeah, play all you want and do whatever you want at the beach, 
it spells 

Our first attempt at getting a family photo was a bit chaotic because of the strong wind. 
The camera just could not stood still. 
It kept on rotating!

Second attempt!!!

I just love this photo that I snapped on our way back. 
It was taken just before we stopped for our maghrib prayers. 
The trip was really fun and we definitely will have more outing such as this. 

Oh, and I am planning to bring my little cousins to Taman Layang-layang soon. 
I can guarantee that they will love it. 

(*Now trying to find ways to get rid of this terrible sun burn on my face, HELP!)

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  1. past few weeks pun yana holiday kat pantai balok, stay dekat e rhu beach resort! sangat best pantai balok kan? x puas mandi