Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ke Bulan dan Bintang with me?

I was on the phone with my little cousins for almost one hour last week. 
They were in Kota Bharu for a kenduri. I was interrogated by them on why I was not there with them, well, I wished I was there, but I can't be there because of the obvious reason, I HAVE CLASS!

Anyway, had fun gossiping with them as usual and before my little cousin put down the phone, she popped out the most amazing question one could ever think of.

Izati nak pergi ke bulan dan bintang. 
Kak Fatin nak ikut?   

I was shocked, overwhelmed, fascinated, confused and feeling a bit lost but I happily replied:
Naaaaaaaaaaaaak! Yeay!

Am I lucky or what? 
I am going to the moon and to the stars and probably hop on to Mars.
I don't think there will ever be anybody else who would invite me to such places.

p/s I miss them dearly

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