Tuesday, January 24, 2012


21 years old. 
Yes, I am officially 21 years old since today is my 21st birthday. 
And the whole family decided to celebrate it at Fraser's Hill. 
We had a fun time there but I was kind of a bit disappointed 
since my precious little cousins could not join me. 

Taking a stroll near the golf course. 

It would be fun if I could have this walk with Izati and Atikah, my precious cousins. 
I could imagined them hopping on the pavement. 

Mama, Abah and my two brothers standing between Selangor and Pahang.

And like all our previous visits to Fraser's Hill, 
we will never leave without having a dip in the waterfall. 
The water was really cold even when the weather was hot. 

Aiman and Imran having a blast!

Mama tried to look for a bakery there but could not find one 
so she decided to buy the cake in Shah Alam. 
Once we reached home and after our maghrib prayers, it was time to cut the cake. 
And thanks to Aiman and Imran for choosing this big, beautiful cake with the number '21' engraved on it from Secret Recipe for me.

My three handsome heroes.

I may be 21 YEARS OLD according to the calendar
 I am 21 YEARS YOUNG at heart. 

And thanks to all my dearest family and friends for the birthday wishes!

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  1. happy birthday fatin, semoga panjang umur murah rezeki diberkati Allah dunia akhirat... amin...

    by the way, yana suka last picca tu, comel! heeheheh...