Monday, January 2, 2012

1st day of 2012

Today is the first day of 2012.

The whole family went shopping at MidValley in the morning and later in the afternoon mama decided to prepare Roti Jala for tea and I was really excited because she will teach me how to 'kirai the roti jala, yeeaayy!!

Mama said she will prepare the chicken curry and
let me have the honour of 'kirai-ing' the rest of the roti jala. 
But after the first try, my excitement  seemed to fade away!.

.First Attempt: arrrrggghhh

Second Attempt: aaaarrgghhh

I stood near the hot stove with the mixture and worked on the roti jala one after another.
Even though I used 2 stoves concurrently, it did not seem like the time had shorten at all. And the net or jala is supposed to be as fine as possible which make it more difficult to achieve.

But after a while, I realized I managed to kirai quite a lot of roti jala.

And finally,
tea is ready.

But frankly and honestly,
even though it tastes so delicious and the mixture is easily prepared, the 'kirai-ing' process make me think twice before deciding to prepare this roti jala myself again.
Now you know, I AM not that rajin after all.

Normally when mama taught me to prepare any dish, she always have a short cut and make every dish easy and fast to prepare. But, this dearest roti jala, there is no short cut but to keep on 'menjala'. 

So bye, bye roti jala, it will be quite a while before we meet again in the kitchen!
But then again, I might change my mind.
Fickle minded me, as always!

And my little brother asked, "what's for dinner?"
Me: "Maggie, buat sendiri!!" (2012 resolution: to be a better sister, just FAILED) 

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