Sunday, January 16, 2011

Universal studio, Singapore

Hello people, as we all know chinese new year is coming soon. it's a long weekend, so i guess maybe some of you might have plans in mind for a holiday trip, right?
Last december in year 2010, which was actually last month, my family and i went to the Universal Studio Singapore. It was reaally awesome, and i would love to go back for more.

well, i am here to help you , especially to those who are planning to go to Singapore, Universal Studio. i can assure you that it is going to be a fun trip , although quiet exhausting, but it'll be worth it :)

okay i'll list out to you the tips that could make your trip pleasurable especially if you are going there during peak season ;
Buy you ticket online and print it out, otherwise you will be wasting your time queuing up at the ticket counter. The ticket cost SGD 72.00. (RM 170.00)

Be there early, really early. USS is open from 11am to 7pm. Eight hours is not a long time considering the long waiting time for each ride, lunch crowd etc.
As you enter USS, you will be given a food voucher worth SGD 5.00 and a gift voucher worth SG 5.00 per ticket. You could lump the food voucher together to buy your meal but you have to use the gift voucher separately.
It is advisable to buy a rain coat at the entrance. It cost only SGD 1.50 (RM 3.50). You never know, it might drizzle during your visit there. Kalau basah kuyup, demam, kan susah!
Get a map and aim for the famous ride first. The queue will start to build up really fast. Some of the rides have up to 80 minutes waiting time during peak season. Go for your favorite rides first, you can snap your photos later. Sabar nooo, gambaq boleh ambik lepaih main!
Get a map :P
Beware of NON-HALAL restaurants. There are many restaurants and kiosks in USS but only a few serve halal food. Among the halal ones are: Celebrity Cafe, Mel's Drive, Oasis Spice, Goldilocks, Casadel Wild and Friar
Oasis spice restaurant
Mel's drive Restaurant
Goldilocks Restaurant
If possible don’t bring your bag. For most rides, you will be asked to leave your bag in the locker which is free for the first 30 minutes and subsequently you will be charged SGD 2.00-3.00 for every 20-30 minutes onwards. It is capped at SGD 20 per day. Considering the long waiting time for each ride, you will end-up paying a hefty fee of SGD 20.00 (RM 47.50) per locker. Just imagine how much you need to pay if you keep on changing lockers for each ride! Duit lagi!
You don’t really need to bring your drinking water as there are a lot of water coolers in USS
Wear suitable clothes. T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Some rides and shows may WET you. Your rain coat will come in handy at this time too

Don’t HOG the photo shot queue la. If you happen to see any character that you love, for instant, Shrek, Fiona, Beettlejuice, Woody woodpecker, Kungfu Panda etc, and would like to take a photo with them, queue-up and take only ONE photo per family/group. Otherwise you will HOG the queue and the person-in-charge will politely ask you to leave the queue. Moral of the story: don’t be a KIASU la, be considerate. Orang lain pun nak bergambar jugak -__-'

All in all it was fun. I was on a tight budget and spent around RM 260.00 there (for each family member), and that does not include buying the souvenir. These are the tips based on my experience. I went to USS last December on the last day of the Soft Launch. Others may have a different opinion. Thats all peeps, till then :P