Friday, January 14, 2011

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show

I know the Kuala Lumpur International Motor (KLIM) Show is way over, people, but I‘m gonna write about it no matter what!
You have to read this blog until the end to find out WHY I am so excited to write about this show.

For those of you who are crazy about cars, I bet you guys did not miss to witness the car manufacturer’s showcase! It is not as big and grand as the motor shows held overseas (*i didnt say that, the news paper did), nevertheless, it is still a crowd puller here!!
at the entrance *boleh qualify tak kalau nak jadi model, teeeettt GEMOK! haha

with my boyfriend, mister batman *keningkening

ada gaya datin datin , LOL . Okay enough w my photos, check out some of the cars there

eh bumblebeeeeeee

But these are not the reasons that excite me!

I am NOT excited about seeing Mr Bumble Bee or the cars but I am excited because..
MY HANDSOME BROTHER, IMRAN *note the capital letters okay..
won a MOTORBIKE in the KLIM’s lucky draw!!
*inhale exhale inhale exhale, fuuuuuhh
How cool is that, huh? LOL

the interview

the so-called certificate

Now that was what I was talking about!
He is only 14 years old and now he owns a Naza Blitz 150.
Talk about being lucky, huh?
but funny thing is that he didnt have a licence, neither any of the family member has one. lesen kereta adalah, motor takdak meeh. LOLOLOL.

So, as the sister to this young, handsome, clever and lucky guy (*hopefully Imran reads these), I must say that I am so proud of my brother. *tsk tsk tsk. I know he will never forget me, his ONLY sister who cooks delicious cakes, biscuits and meals for him, who willingly gave him facial treatment and more than willing to help him gain weight with my NEVER FAIL Weight Gain Program.
He will therefore, willingly take me for a ride on his new motorbike, lend me his motorbike and if, EVER, he decides to sell it off, he will then use the money to buy me a great birthday present! Yahoooo!!!! (*Imraaaan! are you listening ?) oh please say yes.
okay thats about it for todaaaay i guess.
okay later peeps
toodles love

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