Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Last week we visited my brother again at the PLKN camp in Kuala Kangsar. My mom prepared Nasi Arab and Ayam Masak Pedas for the trip and asked me to prepare something light for the whole family. So I decided to bake the macaroons which is simple yet delicious and yummy. I know my three brothers will enjoy these chewy cookies.
(*muahaha masa untuk menggemokkan mereka sudah tiba!!)

So the night before the trip, I started baking these cute macaroons:

My macaroons were not in a perfect shape but hey, that is the whole purpose of being homemade, right?? Whatever dishes that are homemade are supposed to look rustic, bukan macam biskut buat kat kilang tu.
(*nak sedapkan hati sendiri nih)

When we reached the camp in Kuala Kangsar, I sandwiched two macaroons with a generous spread of peanut butter. I did not do it earlier because I’m afraid it will turn soggy after the long journey.

As expected, my brothers just love them!
What a great feeling!
Just look at their happy faces!
(*manyak senang ati wooo)


  1. you look very enjoy baking, aren't you?

  2. cool gilaaaaaa! macam mana nak buat macarons ni? nak buat gaaaak :DDD

  3. fatiiiiiinnnnnnnn nakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk jugaaaaakk! :D

  4. yana: yep, i like baking, besssst!

    zue:nak? nnt i'll give you the link. takpun cuba serach dekat youtube. hahaha.

    nussow: mau? hahahah