Sunday, August 3, 2014

Short and Sweet Aidil Fitri :)

As usual, we had to tour the peninsular to celebrate raya:
Shah Alam - Alor Star, 
Alor Star - Kota Bharu  
Kota Bharu - Shah Alam.

It was tiring especially with the massive Raya traffic, 
but when I get to celebrate Raya and spent time with all the important people in my life, 
the journey is worth it. 

But, I miss my Mak Tok so much, second time celebrating Raya without her around.
My younger brother, Aiman is not here too: celebrating raya in Auckland.

I had to work right after Raya, so I cannnot take a long leave for the festive season.
It was a short stay but definitely a Sweet Raya.

And this Raya, 
kali pertama bagi duit raya.
Dah kerja kena lah bagi duit raya, terasa dah tua! 
(Just for the record, I am only 23, okay?)

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