Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Malacca River Run 2014

I registered for the Brooks Kuantan Run earlier but could not make it there since my convocation day happened to fall on the same day as the event. Anyway, still glad that I have the chance to join the Malacca River Run recently.

We thought we could collect the race kit on the morning of the event day, and planned to make a day trip but were told that we had to do so the day before. So we left for Malacca without a definite place to spend the night since we didn't book any hotel earlier. It was right in the middle of the school holiday so we had to make do with whatever that's left, 2 clean small rooms, just a walking distance away from the event venue.

Rise and Shine..subuh in beautiful, Melaka

This time we did not have to rush since our event started quite late compared to our previous runs, the full marathon category was flagged off much earlier around 4am. We walked to the venue and arrived before 7am, it was still a bit dark.

There was no warm-up/aerobic session and I heard a lot of complain after the run. Especially the lack of water station for those full and half marathon runners. It was sorta a bit unorganized here and there. But for us, it was okay. Whenever we joined the run, it was for the fun exercise and spending family time together so we have no complain.

And oh, I love the fact that we got to see some historical and beautiful places in Malacca during our run, Awesome choice of routes!

Starting line.

The usual: a red cap, phone and earphone!

Peace! Go...abah, 10km!
Finally at the finish line


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