Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pulau Pangkor - Day 2

Took a stroll along the beach early in the morning and just sat and enjoyed the view. 
It was calming staring at the wave rolling and hitting the beach.
It was fun just
watching little children fighting who get to play on the wooden swing first, 
listening to the beach boys calling for the tourists to join their activities,
the hornbills hopping around looking for food and 
oh yes, not to forget those romantic
 honeymooners, I can tell by the thick inai on their fingers and their happy faces. 

Dah letih usha org kat tepi pantai, then pegi join speed boat trip pulok!


Waiting for the speed boat for a snorkeling trip at Pulau Giam.
I did not enjoy this as much as the one at Tioman Island but oh well, it was okay I guess.

Mandi-manda di Teluk Man.
Now, this one, I LIKEEEEE.

The white sand and clear water, blue sky, the tranquility..almost perfect..THEN came a group of monkeys trying to steal bags/food from the tourists there and then it was not so perfect anymore. Haiya!

Batu Penyu.
see that rock formation on the right hand side of this photo, it does look like a turtle right?

Batu buaya
The rock formation on the left looks like a crocodile.

Batu Ikan Paus.
Nampak tak kepala ikan paus, siap ada pokok to resemble air keluar kat atas kepala dia. 

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