Friday, June 15, 2012


Every once in a while when the whole family browsed through the old albums on the shelves, I was always reminded of that very special moment when my dad took 1 month leave from work just to take care of me since mama could not get that precious leave . I do not have any memory of this event since I was just 3 or 4 years old then, but the photos speak themselves clearly.

Every week day, after mama left for work, my dad will pack all the necessities for his little girl in a bag pack (and he never forgets the camera) and we will then travel together to every possible corners of the city by bus and Sky Train and had fun. 

And before we head on home, 
we will stop at the water front and share an ice-cream together
 while enjoying the breeze, admiring the yachts or just staring at the ocean. 

I could imagined that I must have had a good time then,
having the attention all to myself and going through this wonderful journey,
with my dad.

 Happy Father's Day, Abah. 
Me love you big time!

Another favorite spot for our ice-cream sharing session.


  1. You stayed overseas last time? Nice :) And where was it?

  2. All the photos were taken in Vancouver, Canada in 1993/1994 :)