Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dylon Tie Dye Workshop 2013

Excited to show my latest work of art!
Tshirts tie-dyed with Dylon.

This is what I came up with from Dylon First Ever Tie Dye Workshop last weekend.
Learned quite a lot from this "Short, Sweet and Informative" workshop and
now I am considering having another batch of tie-dye shirts at my online store too, maybe I'll get it out after my Raya collections, maybe!  

Dylon First Ever Tie-Dye Workshop at Merdekarya hosted by Sharon Lam 
on Sunday, 12th May 2013.

Actually, tie-dying is easy since there is no right or wrong way to go about it, even children can be good at it. It all depends on the design/pattern that you hope to see. Terus rendam saja pun boleh, tak perlu ikat2. But if you are aiming for a more complex pattern then it could be a little tricky since you need to be a little more creative in folding and tying/binding your fabric to achieve the desired pattern.

But I find that even with trial-an-error, the t-shirts that I dyed still turned out looking great with Dylon colors. That's what magical about it, the colors make the imperfections seem perfect.

I just love colors, colors are beautiful, 
they add sunshine to almost everything and make such memorable images.
I like to play with colors, mix-and-match them to create new shades.
Even when I used to have very little knowledge in tie-dying, I managed to create some stunning Tie-Dye Tshirts with Dylon colors and sold them at my online store, RoadBlock Store, quite awhile ago.

The first batch of tie dye t-shirts that I made using Dylon tie dye colors and sold at my online store, RoadBlock Store

So, wanna explore the world of colors?
Jom grab Dylon and start brightening up your fabric, reviving your wardrobe or restoring those faded colors. They have bright and beautiful to rich, intense and mysterious colors, macam-macam ada! 
They are easily available now, you can get them from Dylon Color Outlets or beli online pun boleh!

Play with colors and have a rainbow,
after all there is always something interesting at the end of the rainbow.
If you have any question you could just ask the Color Expert by visiting
DYLON FACEBOOK PAGE  or call directly at 016-6049545.

These are the new arrivals of tie dye t-shirts for both boys and girls at our store.
Visit our facebook page, click here  RoadBlockStore.
PM/INBOX us or email to
Tie Dye Malaysia
Tie Dye Malaysia

Tie Dye Malaysia
Tie Dye Malaysia
Tie Dye Malaysia

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